Honey from Oak trees and wild Flowers

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100% Pure, Natural Blend, Single Source, Harvested sustainably from Rhodope mountains, Greece

Eftychia Premium organic honey from Oak trees and wild Flowers is collected by our bees on the widerness of Rhodope mountains, Greece. This valuable honey is a real treasure full of various floral compounds. With hints of woodsy forest, has an underlying resinous taste that finishes with subtle acidic notes. A unique single source honey sustainably sourced as to sustain all its beneficial nutritional elements.

A perfect drizzle for gourmet dishes.



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The remote forests of oak, linden, chestnut, and acer trees, and the diverse biozones (Alpine and subalpine) of the area host many endemic species of herbs and wildflowers, like the Lilium rhodopeum, Viola thodopeia, different kinds of orchids and many others. The organic oak tree and wild flower honey that is harvested here, is really one of a kind. With a dark, almost black color it is viscous, with an unprecedented taste, rich and full-flavored, but not so intensely sweet. Organic Oak tree raw honey is considered to be the most antioxidant rich honey of Greek origin, with its rich content of vital vitamins (B1, B2, FP, B12 and B6), minerals, folic acid, monosaccharides (glucose, levulinose, fructose) and high-molecular sugars (melicitosis).

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Visual appearance

Dark color


Fruity malted, delicate with lasting floral aroma


Fragant sweet with subtle acidic notes owing to its honeydews content

Botanical spectrum

Honeydews charachteristic of Oak trees(Quercus) honeydews, honeydews charachteristic of Maple trees (Acer) honeydews, sweet Chestnut trees (Castanea sativa), Ivy (hedera helix), wild Clover (trifolium),Heather (erica), wild Pear trees (Pyrus), wild Cherry trees (prunus), winter Cress (Brassicaceae ),Thistle (carduus), sow thistles (Sonchus) Convolvulus, wild Carrots (Daucus), Blackberries (rubus), common Smilax (Smilax aspera), savory (Satureja thymbra), Sedges (Cyperaceae), Lupin (Genista), Hypecoum,St. John's wort (Hypericum), wild Pistachio trees (Pistacia), Poaceae, Rumex,Linden (tilia)

Geographical origin

Southern Rhodope Mountains

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