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Eftychia (Greek: ευτυχία) is a Greek word that is derived from the Greek words εὖ (good) and τύχη (luck). Literally in Greek eftychia means good luck, however it is also another word for happiness and wellbeing.

All our products are pure, cultivated and obtained solely through organic practices. We place our beehives in remote areas far from any source of pollution. We are certified organic by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS (https://tuvaustriahellas.gr), a recognized organization for the certification of organic products.

Honey is a by-product of bees, therefore not strictly vegan. But you can rest assured that all our honey is produced through ethical, sustainable practices with the utmost care and respect for bees and natural enviroment.

It is generally not recommended to give honey to infants under 12 months old. Please consult your pediatrician

According to Greek and international food laws it is mandatory to mention a best before date or expiry date on the label of all packed foods. Therefore we display “best before” dates on all our honeys but our products can be consumed even after this date. However, after the best before date or even earlier, the honey will change it’s properties in terms of colour, aroma, texture etc. This change of properties like darkening of colour or crystallisation does not make the honey unsafe in any way.

Honey should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, with the jar or lid securely sealed. Keep honey stored in similar conditions after opening.

Eftychia Premium products do not contain gluten, dairy, peanuts, sesame, shellfish, yeast, or eggs.

Real raw, organic honey will eventually crystallize , but in some cases this procedure might last for years.That doesn’t mean of course that all honeys that crystallize are pure and vice versa. Only certified laboratories can check if your honey is real and pure. Should you wish to return it to liquid stage,place jar in warm water (bain-marie) up to 45º C and stir gently.

Our honey is packaged in glass jars with metal lids and easily removable labels so that the jar can be reused or recycled. The cardboard box containing our honey is from FSC certified paper, meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests, controlled sources, recycled materials, or a combination of these and can also be recycled. Same for the wooden boxes offerd in gift options. We are constantly seeking out new ways to improve our packaging, so if you have any recommendations, email us at info@eftychiabio.gr

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