Think like a bee

In 2018 we founded Koinsep Melismata, a small bee-farm, whose main goal is the production of premium quality beekeeping products. We attempt to establish alternative practices in professional beekeeping, which incorporate mainly the values of sustainable agriculture and reject large scale dominant models in food production.

Eftychia Premium organic beekeeping products are the fruits of a collective effort made by people who share common values on sustainable entrepreneurship in agriculture.

Less is more

We support the slow food movement. We only keep as many beehives as we can manage, without compromise, in order not to stress our bees for increased production.

We believe there is a common secret that everybody knows when it comes to agro-ecological food production. Nature is wiser than us and we are content just to keep up with the flow.

For instance, that is why we do not produce many different types of honey and our honey production capacity can’t always match the demand of our customers. In this way though, we manage to offer you the precious organic raw honey, that our bees collect from the wilderness of the Greek flora.

The Journey

Our journey began in 2012 when our dear neighbor, an old retiring farmer, gave us two beehives she couldn’t manage anymore. Since then, many things have changed in our lives, and our love for the bees and their society has grown stronger year by year. Today, we manage to run a small beekeeping farm.

We practice nomadic beekeeping and try to keep our bees in places with minimum human impact, which in practice means we avoid mono-cultures and highly populated areas. Instead, we prefer mountains and forests with plenty of indigenous flora, such as the pine forests of Thassos island, the remote virgin forests of the southern Rhodope mountains, and the stunning mountains of north western Peloponnese.

The Harvest

We cannot produce endless tons of honey. Neither can we dictate to our bees what type of honey we want them to produce. However, when harvest time comes, it is a real ode to joy! Normally, we harvest honey twice a year and harvest it only when we are sure that there is enough left for the bees.

The honey our bees produce, is a natural blend of different flavors, depending on vegetation and each year’s weather conditions. So, the flavor of our honey will not be exactly the same year in year out, rather you will enjoy a uniquely flavorful and natural experience time and time again. Our honey isn’t filtered or heated, thus all the nutritional qualities, enzymes, and unique tastes are preserved.

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