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EFTYCHIA - Premium Organic Beekeeping Products

Our products are sourced responsibly with the utmost care and respect for the bees and the natural environment.

Eftychia Premium organic beekeeping products are certified organic by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS and are 100 % free from pesticides, herbicides, and GMO.

Worldwide Delivery in 6-8 working days!

Some facts about Eftychia Premium Organic Beekeeping Products:

100% natural, unprocessed and raw
Our honey is raw. It is not filtered or heated so all the nutritional qualities, enzymes, and unique tastes are preserved. After extraction, we let our honey rest so that the honey acquires its natural clarity before we jar it.

Sustainable Beekeeping
Our bees are not stressed for increased production. We keep the native honeybee subspecies and strive to maintain strong and healthy beehives. We harvest honey only when we are sure that there is enough left for the bees.

Single Source
The honey our bees collect, is a natural blend of different flavors, depending on vegetation and each year’s weather conditions. Our honey is one of a kind!

Wilderness of Greek flora
The variety of landscapes and microclimates in Greece is stunning, creating a unique mosaic of vegetation conditions across the landscape. These euphoric landscapes provide food for the bees most days of the year depending on altitude and weather conditions. The possibilities for the bees seem to be endless.

Nomadic Beekeeping
The natural environment of Greece, with its rich biodiversity of unique indigenous plants and herbs is an ideal place for honey hunting. Our beehives are migrated periodically every year from southern to northern Greece pursuing flowering events according to the year-round availability of high-quality forage plants.

Eftychia Premium – Bee farma cooperative
We are a small bee-farm cooperative. The products after the brand Eftychia Premium are harvested and bottled only by us.

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