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Think like a Bee

Eftychia Apiculture is  a collective effort made by people who share common values on sustainable entrepreneurship in agriculture.

We collect precius raw organic honey from the wilderness of the Greek flora.We harvest it in a sustainable way as to preserve all the nutritional qualities,enzymes, and unique tastes.

Our beekeeping products are of premium quality, offering you a uniquely flavorful and natural experience!


Act like a Bee

We treat our bees with care and respect, practicing what is known as sustainable beekeeping.

We keep up with the flow. We only keep as many beehives as we can manage, without compromising, in order not to stress our bees for increased production. Less is more when it comes to quality.

Our vision is to raise awareness of the vital importance of honey bees and their invaluable contribution to the sustainability of the ecosystems of our planet.

Nomadic Beekeeping

We pursue flowering events  to take advantage of the different conditions and microclimates across a region.

Greek Flora

The vascular flora of Greece comprises 5885 species and 2000 subspecies, of which more than 1400 are endemic.

Hive Management

We strive to maintain strong and healthy beehives keeping the native honeybee subspecies.

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Flowers pollinated per day


Enjoy like a Bee

Bees are famous for their eclectic sense of taste. Their standards are really high and they  prefer always best quality.

So we do. Our beekeeping products are unprocessed and raw, at premium quality as to enjoy a uniquely flavorful and natural experience each time.


Our Honey

Certified Organic

Natural Blend

Single Source

100% Pure

Unprocessed & Unpasteurised

Enjoy a uniquely flavorful and natural experience.
Our honey is one of a kind!

Bee in Time

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Ethical and Sustainable

Eftychia Premium beekeeping products are certified organic by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS and are 100 % free from pesticides, herbicides, and GMO
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